iCinDER™ Technical Analysis suite for eSignal®

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Volatility Cloud Volatility Study visualized as a line and cloud. iCinDER-Volatility Cloud.swf
Wave3 and V2 Cyclic extraction showing wave cycle and strength. iCinDER-Wave3.swf
Trend Guide Application of a “guide” tool that integrates the iCinDER W3 Cycle into a system that provides guidance in trend analysis and trading.
iCinDER-Trend Guide.swf

The algorithms used in the iCinDER™ family of indicators are extractions of dimensions of price, time and entropy. They specifically address the cyclical nature of market instruments and are an attempt to measure the Minor, Intermediate and Major Cycles as addressed in the Dow Theory and Elliott Wave. The model has a high correlation to the business cycle and its measurements.

iCinDER Technical Analysis Indicator Pack for eSignal

$495 USD